Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lite & Healthy 2013

January is here, and I know many of you are looking for healthier options in the kitchen. And even though my blog is rather small, and still in it's beginner stage, I was able to come up with a pretty good list of healthy dishes. 
Listen, it can't always be about bacon, noodles, and cheese. (Gahhh, I cringed a little as I wrote that last line.) I am a lover of all things covered in bacon and cheese...And steak, and butter, and pasta, and cream sauces, and lasagna, and wine, and fat.

 Fat...Fat...Fat! Fat makes the world go 'round!  Ahhhh!....

Okay...Whew...get a hold of yourself, Leslie! 

Where were we? Oh...yes, here is an awesome collection of lite and healthy dishes.

P.S. They are "knock your socks off" delicious, too! Enjoy!

Cucumber Salad (Serve alongside grilled chicken or fish)
California Pizza (Simple & Delicious)

Chicken Burritos (Slow Cooker) Or tacos...or tostadas...Just EAT them!

Southwest Quinoa Salad (Excellent with or w/out chicken!)
Bell Pepper Scoops/Healthy Taco Dip

Chicken Vindaloo 
Holiday Fruit Salad (Good for you ALL year long!)
Balsamic Chicken (Slow Cooker)
Lime Shrimp Salad (I just feel prettier when I eat this!)

Looking for a few of my "ULTRA" Lite & Healthy Dishes?
Simply click on the these links "highlighted" in green:
Tuscan Turkey Meatloaf with Quinoa
Chipotle Taco or Burrito Filling
Greek Pita Sandwich

Lite. Healthy. Delicious. Yum.
Happy New Year!
xo, Leslie
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  1. Wow! Those were all really good recipes! Many are made with all the ingredients I love. The Lime Shrimp Salad looks so appetizing right now and it's only 8:15 in the morning here! Thanks Leslie!


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